Afraid of the Dark

Posted on 6:49 AM by Mr.leo

Friends, Afraid of the Dark. Is the most beautiful TV Show now so that you watch, Afraid of the Dark. And to do when watching outspoken, Afraid of the Dark. because I some of the Episode, Afraid of the Dark. to ensure the better off this new episode of, Afraid of the Dark. so watch and do not miss.

Go back to a time before the invention of artificial light and experience a world petrified in the pitch of darkness…when fear ruled the night. Throughout the ages real and imagined terror existed in the absence of light and nighttime was anything but relaxing. Our predecessors cowered in caves to keep from being eaten alive. During the Middle Ages, brutal bandits went on the prowl and roadside ditches became death traps. Also in years past, the devil werewolves and vampires were staunchly believed to stalk the night. With no artificial light, the black night sky of Galileo’s gaze could illuminate every star without a telescope. This chilling special explores all the reasons why the dark was so feared throughout the eras. It takes you around the globe to places where real night still exits, and examines our modern-day fear factor when the lights go out during blackouts

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